I was super lucky and won another giveaway about a month ago, and I had never gotten around to blogging about it or thanking the cutie that I won from!

Meg from Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter received some Revlon falsie eyelashes with glue, and decided to give some away. She even did a tutorial on her blog all about how to correctly put on the lashes. I know whenever I’ve worn falsies (Halloweens usually), I make a huge mess and my eyelids tend to get glued shut. Meg is much better at it: Watch Her Tutorial : )

Maybe someday soon I will have a reason to wear a pair of these out. There are not a lot of opportunities for dressing up in Spokane. Just wearing heels I get asked what the heck I am doing, and lipstick or some eyeshadow, forget about it, people think you’re trying much too hard.

A girl can still dream right?