So Brian has been on the hunt for a puppy for the last year ish, and recently I joined him on this hunt, with a few requirements of my own! I wanted a girl, and I wanted to adopt. I wasn’t willing to budge. Brian knew he wanted a German Shepherd or a Great Dane, a breed that would be a good apartment dog. We also both wanted an older puppy so that it would be somewhat trained.

Today Brian ran over to a local shelter while I was in class and found an adorable 3 month old shepherd/lab mix. After describing her to me, I insisted we go back and take another look. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. She came right up to us and wouldn’t leave us alone, licking and playing and nuzzling! We took her for a short walk and she was okay on her leash, she knew to pee outside, and she didn’t bark or cry at all! We sat playing with her for about 20 minutes debating the pros and cons (especially with the fact that we just got about 5 inches of snow in the last two days), and once I offered up the name Penny, we were sold.

Brian adopted her from Spokanimal, and they were great! We picked out a really cute pale pink leather collar, and they gave it to us for free, along with a tennis ball and some bones! She is going to see the vet on Friday (the same one my parents have been taking all of our dogs to my whole life, so I trust and know the doctors and nurses well) and next Tuesday, she and Brian will begin puppy training classes at Diamonds in the Ruff (the same place my parents dog Sofia went–and she’s mostly well behaved haha)! Our biggest issue so far today has been her peeing in Bri’s apartment (which she has done about 4 times, even though we take her out about twice an hour bah).

Brian bought a crate and has already been crate training her, and she’s doing well with that. We also got her a big, comfy doggy pillow and she loves lying on it chewing on bones. Taking on the responsibility of training a puppy is a little more than I need on my plate right before the last two weeks of the semester, but I know she will make the holidays that much more fun! Plus, without a job or anything else going on, Brian has plenty of time to teach her, and shepherds and labs are both quick learners!

Expect lots more Penny puppy spam!