Alas, I still have not trekked back over to my own apartment (it’s across the street, I’m too cold and lazy) so again my outfit photos are taken with Bri’s Photobooth, which means the vacuum cleaner and other junk is still strewn around. Also, the only clothes I have to choose from are those I stuffed in an overnight bag about 4 days ago when the blizzard first hit. Now I know what you’re thinking, I live just across the street how hard is it to grab more clothes?! Well, I have turned of all the heaters at my place, because why would I pay for heat I am not using, hence when I do go to my place, there is like frost inside the windows and I can see my breath. Trying to pick out outfits is not fun when you’re shaking, I tend to just grab leggings and a hoodie. Real fashionable.

However, I knew I had an American Apparel package on its way to me yesterday, so I did run over to check my mail box. I don’t know if you guys have heard of or use Groupon, but it’s this awesome coupon site with incredible deals, you should Check It Out!. Last week they had two amazing ones: buy a $50 American Apparel gift card for $25, and the same deal for Nordstrom Rack. This meant I spent $25 and got to spend $50 on anything on American Apparel’s website (excluding sale items). I picked out two pairs of thigh highs in Burnt Orange and Blue for $10 each, the Legalize Gay t-shirt in Pink for $17 (which is buy one get one free, so I think I might be offering my free one in a giveaway!!), and updated take on the white v-neck that Brian thought would fit my figure well. I went for the orange thigh highs first, and they are amazing! Super soft, great color, sex appeal at a high, great for layering (as you can see), and most importantly DURABLE (I tend to run any pair of tights I get my hands on).

Head to Toe: dress-Old Navy, belt-Crossroads, navy tights-Walmart, orange thigh highs-American Apparel, boots-Buffalo Exchange SF.

I don’t agree with everything that goes on at American Apparel (see Dov Charney lawsuits), and word on the business street is they are going bankrupt (again due to Charney’s unwillingness to share), but I cannot deny the quality of the clothes. I have hoodies, v necks, tanks, skirts, and now tights, and I love them all! And the whole reason the deal was on Groupon in the first place is because the business is failing. I can’t argue with that!