Being that it is the most stressful time of the year, I am just trying to be grateful and happy about those little things that brighten up my day! Let me share them with you:

1. My “Legalize Gay: Repeal Prop 8 Now!” AA Shirt has arrived! I wore it around proudly all day, and had many people on campus stop me and ask me what it said. Granted, Prop 8 is long gone, but I took it as an opportunity to educate them about Washington state’s Senator Patty Murray’s recent appeal to congress to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ the military policy on gays openly serving.

AND, when you purchase a ‘Legalize Gay’ shirt (for only $17), you get another one free, so you can spread the message even further! Thanks American Apparel!

Together we can create the changes we want to see!

2. I finally stretched my ears up to 9/16. At first when I began stretching my ears six years ago, I figured the biggest I would go would be a 0. Then last winter I wound up at a double 0. This fall, my friend Shanna offered me some beautiful wooden plugs with lotus flowers on them, that though they were 1/2, I couldn’t pass up. And now, the bf and I were at the same size and both wanted to move up, so we took the plunge together. I think I might only go up one more size–you don’t see many high school English teachers with giant gauges!

We got the jewelry and taper from a website bf knew of: Body Art Forms. The taper was free! I also got a solid gold nose hoop that I am really excited to put in. You get free o-rings, merch credits, tapers, and all sorts of other cool things just for ordering!

Mine are Coconut Wood. If you are new to gauging or just don’t know a whole lot about it, I highly suggest only using wood or glass plugs. Whenever I have used cheaper plastics and acrylics my ears have been much smellier (ewww). These were hand carved from organic materials (wood duh!) and only cost $18 for the pair! What a steal!

Can you spy my little elefante?

3. Ulta nail polishes! They have been running a promotion on all of their $5 nail colors, as well as salon brands Essie and China Glaze, buy 2 get 1 free!  I snatched up a Peach, Purple, Red, Green and a few Christmas gifts as well. Don’t have an Ulta near you? Don’t fret, the deals are online and many: check out Ulta for yourself!

This color is Limelight; my 8th graders love it!

Anyway, off to cook dinner! On the menu tonight: Cheese tortellini with mushrooms in a basil pesto alfredo sauce! But more on that tomorrow 🙂 Oh also, I finished Day 2 of the shred, my muscles are aching, ughs!