Now I know everyone hates those cheesy couples who celebrate every little anniversary, the bf does too. He asked me today why we don’t celebrate daily anniversaries, and I said because that was crazy! He said, oh but 3 months is not? and I said, heck no, and wheres my wedding ring? I kid, I kid. After that whole conversation I reluctantly admitted that I had actually forgotten it was our anniversary, oops. Oh well, I had already purchased a little something for him a few weeks ago, when I did remember that it was coming up, thank my weird over-planning self for that.

I got him this fun little book because he loves all kinds of beers and recently he has been getting really into brewing his own beer perhaps. I want to be okay with this, but because beer literally makes me feel sick (even though I love the taste and low alcohol content) and makes me put on poundage, I hope he doesn’t start brewing something I would want to drink!

He surprised me with some extra special gifts that I did not expect at all!

On our very first roadtrip together, we drove over to Seattle and then up to Bellingham. The drive back home from Bellingham is just about 6 hours long and I began getting restless and bored around hour 2, and I had already exhausted all my entertaining car activities on the way there. I began putzing around on bf’s iPhone and eventually decided to play a game of Sudoku. I didn’t really understand how the game worked and bf started taunting me, claiming that especially without even knowing how to play I probably wouldn’t do well. I showed him! I quickly beat all of his best times, and began beating them on the Expert level. By the time we were back home I was certified Sudoku master, much to bfs dismay. Also, I have a strange obsession with all things pink (making October my favorite month for a reason other than Halloween; it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so everything is all of a sudden sold in pink!), so even though bf couldn’t find any Cala Lilies (or apparently lilies of any kind) he opted for some beautiful pink roses : )

Penny then promptly knocked the flowers over and attempted to eat one! Silly puppy, bfs attempting to train her right now! It’s so sweet, I told him about the puppy pre-school we took my parents English Springer Spaniel to and he signed himself and Penelope up and he practices with her every day. It’s great.

Oh and speaking of 3s, today was day 3 of the 30 day shred and I have already dropped 2lbs! I am assuming that is just water weight, but I will take it!