As soon as The Osbournes hit the airwaves a few days before my 17th birthday in 2002, the comparisons between Kelly Osbourne and I began. I used to loathe it, especially because it often came from my older brother making fun of me. Just this past fall I have had two people tell me that they couldn’t figure out why I looked so familiar, and then they realized it was because I looked like Kelly.

Ew, right?

Sadly for me, Kelly Osbourne looks amazing, as she has lost about 50 lbs. so when people compare us now I laugh and say “I wish!” Now that Kelly has slimmed down and stopped hiding behind all the black eyeliner and teen angst, you can see that she is a beautiful girl. I too have gone through the second half of that transformation, and am working hard on the first!

On loving who she sees today. “When I look in the mirror now, it’s really different. For the first time, I look at myself and I’m really proud to not hate every single thing that I see. What has made this process so healthy and interesting to me is that it’s been a whole transformation. It’s like this feeling disappeared that I had carried around with me for so long.”



All of her red carpet dresses are flattering and show that she still has curves, despite the weight loss, which is key.

And she even looks great in a bikini! This I am actually proud of her for. It’s no easy feat being bikini ready, and even though she is probably airbrushed, being in a magazine is embarassing!



But the best part of Kelly’s new look? She still knows how to tow the line between classy and trashy, which is the best thing we have in common! Check out her all sexxified for a performance with the Pussycat Dolls.



What a babe!

What do you think of Kelly’s transformation?