Psych, no I don’t! I used to, back when I had the time to enjoy going out. But now, when I go out I have nights like last night, where I have one too many shots of Goldschlager (just trying to be festive yall) in an attempt to feel like I’m ‘partyin it up’ and then feel like death today. Not worth it, I say. My hangover tolerance is shot. Plus I still have 5 final papers and a final project due the beginning of this week, soooo…

I did however manage to go out for a fun filled night a few weeks ago with bf and his friends. He had just recently upgraded to the iPhone 4 so we(I) played around with the camera on it. I love that it lets you take photos of yourself and see the screen, but the quality takes a major drop. Bummer.

See what I mean about that photo quality? Just sucks, but oh well! Also, I love the bf looks like a huge doofus with a giant forehead in those first few pics, lols.

Some of the boys goofing off too, for funsies.

Mustard Mishap!

They love each other.

We had been at karaoke, but of course the boys got hungry, so we wound up at the local late night diner, The Satellite. I have spent far too many 2am nights there, scarfing down greasy beer batter fries. Luckily, I am able to offset their badness with a delicious vegetarian sandwich.


Nom nom nom. Does anyone else mix their ketchup and mustard together before dipping? I think it tastes like I am eating a hotdog when I do that. And not that I particularly enjoy the taste of hotdogs (well I am a pescatarian…) but I do LOVE the taste of nostalgia!